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NAUI’s global reputation for the best in training and educational products reflects our core values of quality dive training through education. Many organizations specifically choose NAUI for their diver education programs including Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, United States Navy SEAL Teams and NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, Texas (USA) where astronauts train for their space walks. 

The Definition of Diving

Since the beginning of scuba, NAUI professionals have led the way in every major development in the sport. More than any other group of professional educators, NAUI leaders have defined the trends in diving and inspire the future. 

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 While NAUI has long been respected for having the highest training standards in the recreational diving industry, we are also highly regarded for our Technical Diver Training. Many of our technical developments have been adopted by other agencies; our Technical Diving Division leads in the development of new theories and research that keeps NAUI on the cutting edge of technical diving. 

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NAUI Courses

NAUI courses are part of a full range of training programs

PADI Classes

Intro and Youth Courses

 Discover Scuba® Diving (10 yrs+) 

Bubblemaker (8 yrs+) 

PADI Seal Team (8 yrs+) 

PADI Skin Diver

PADI Certified Courses

 Open Water Diver 

 Adventure Diver /  Advance Open Water Diver

 Emergency First Responer 

 Rescue Diver /   Master Scuba Diver 


Basic Freediver /  Freediver    

Advanced Freediver    

Master Freediver /  Freediver  Instructor

Specialty Coures

 AWARE - Fish Identification  / Boat /  Wreck / Deer Diver / Underwater Photographer / Propulsion Vehicle / Drift / Dry Suit / Enrich Air / O2 Provider / Equipment Specialist / Multilevel / Night / Peak Performance / Project AWARE / Search and Recovery / Underwater Navigator / Wreck


Divemaster /  Assistant Instructor 

 Scuba Instructor 

Professional Instructor /  Emergency First Response Instructor