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Ambush CAMO

Ambush CAMO


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Part Number:SN510BS-CAMO Manufacturer: Xs Scuba Color:


The Ambush snorkel is the obvious choice to complete the new camo Stalker masks. Using the same water transfer technology as the masks, they blend beautifully with the Stalker mask and the environment. The Ambush is comfortable in the mouth and contoured perfectly to your head.

  • For the purists, the Ambush is a traditional open-top design

  • The non-purge mouthpiece allows for the displacement clearing method

  • Uses a traditional “figure 8” snorkel keeper

  • Contours to the head to minimize drag

  • Comfortable silicone mouthpiece can be rotated into the perfect position

SN510BS-CAMO (black camo)
SN510BU-CAMO (blue camo)
SN510GN-CAMO (green camo)

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